Türk Jinekoloji ve Obstetrik Derneği’ne FIGO’dan Ödül

Dear Turkish Colleagues,

I hope that you are well.

I write with the good news that Turkey is one of the countries to be recognized at FIGO Vancouver by the current and past FIGO presidents for achieving substantial reductions in maternal mortality (MGDV) by including family planning and/or safe abortion in health services.

The award session is on Monday 5 Oct, 1345-1515 Ballroom A-C.  Who can represent Turkey and explain in five minutes, with or without slides,  the role of safe abortion and/or family planning in reducing Turkey’s maternal mortality?  Other countries will probably ask their society president, but that is not required.  President Purandare will introduce the Turkish representative after I have introduced him.

Congratulations .


Philip D. Darney, MD, Msc

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